Wake-up light with LMS and openHAB

Since a long time I wanted to build a wake-up light with my Logitech Squeezebox radio and the ceiling light – a Philips Hue bulb.
All components are connected through an openHAB server where such a functionality can be easily implemented.
For usability reasons and to consider the WAF (woman acceptance factor) the alarms should also be configured/managed by the Squeezebox radio – respectively the LMS in the background.

This sound not like a big deal since there is a Squeezebox binding to integrate the LMS into openHAB! Unfortunately the binding is only supporting a limited set of functions. And controlling the alarms is not part of it. So I looked for an easy way to implement this. The LMS-CLI, that is also used by the binding, is a very simple TCP protokoll. And the alarms can be read and configured with it!
The effort to modify the plugin was to big for me at this point. And you will not believe it, but there is a TCP binding in openHAB already that can be used 🙂
So I installed the TCP binding and wrote a small rule to communicate with the LMS. And voilà, I was able to read and write the alarms.

Together with the great code snippet of the universal dimmer my wake-up light works like a charm. And I can still use the Squeezebox radio to configure everything when I’m already in bed and my smartphone or tablet is out of reach.

Here a short outlook what the resulting sitemap looks like:

Sitemap view of the alarms
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